Getting Started

There are many things to be considered while setting up a new business, especially an offshore one. For one, you would need an experienced consultant or a consultancy firm who can assist you fully and properly with your objectives of forming an offshore corporation. The Law Office of Meléndez and Bonilla will be ably able to provide you with high-quality complete turnkey assistance and legal advice in the process of forming a business corporation in Costa Rica.

Starting a business anywhere, puts you in control as there is no greater reward in life than being your own boss. Since you are in the process of starting your own business, it requires absolute focus and careful planning. You must follow many steps of company formation before you can incorporate a business and begin opening wider doors to the future. Most businesses fail due to poor planning, poor marketing strategy and poor research. A startup offshore business must be knowledgeable about the status of other foreign investors, government policies, taxation, and the potential employees in the country.

Starting an offshore corporation involves a lot of planning, especially long term. Building a business involves certain long term goals and a focus on the basis of a feasibility study needs to be finalized and frozen. This is normally the main task of your consultant or researcher and Law Office of Meléndez and Bonilla have already done this successfully for many other big corporations in the past. The law requires that a startup corporation fulfills a plethora of formation formalities before it will recognize and incorporate your business. Further, these business starts up formalities change depending on the type of company formation you are considering, as well as the jurisdiction you are considering filing the papers in. It is certainly obvious that competent local consultant is the only person who can help you with this. The Law Office of Meléndez and Bonilla is perfectly qualified and experienced to do the needful.

We, at the Law Office of Meléndez and Bonilla can ensure that your business structure is tailored to your specific needs of business formation. We are an experienced incorporation firm that is fully equipped and qualified to incorporate your business and set you on the road to success. We have the experience and the expertise to help anyone start and incorporate a business.

The following are a few basic questions that should be considered in the process of incorporating a new company in Costa Rica:

Is a Corporation or LLC right for my business?

What is a Corporation?

Structuring Your Business

What type of entity should I form (e.g. General Corporation, Close Corporation, Subchapter S Corporations, Limited Liability Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Professional Corporation, Non-Profit Corporation)?

Please see Types of Corporations to decide which form suits your needs.

Types Of Corporation

  • Limited Liability Corporation
  • Limited Partnership
  • General Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Foundation or Trust
  • Stock Corporation
  • Shelf Corporations

Why Choose Costa Rica?


Costa Rica has many distinct characteristics and advantages that International Business Corporations (IBC's) can make the most of. Although Costa Rica is not classified as an offshore financial hub in the traditional sense, its favorable tax regime implies that it could have been classified as a tax haven some decades ago.

However, the Costa Rican government has only recently realized the potential of being a tax haven and has started to actively legislate and promote this sector of economic activity. The low taxation available to businesses of Costa Rica makes it an attractive offshore financial investment center for most businesses across the globe.

A number of well known businesses have already set up shop in Costa Rica but the economy is still at infancy. © 2019